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Sapík Vojtěch

Category: Statues > Bronze
Time period: 1910

125 000 ,- CZK


Vojtěch Sapík (8. 4. 1888 Slezska Ostrava - 4. 7. 1916 Somolovo in Russia) painter, sculptor and medalist. Between 1906 - 1912 he studied at the School of Applied Arts in Prague, in 1913 he went to study in Italy and Capri, where he met with T. G. Masaryk and M. Gorky (he created his portrait, the only one of that time). In 1914 he was drafted into the Austrian army, drafted to the Russian front, where he fell. During his life he participated in several competitions, among others, in 1913 won second prize in the competition for the monument of Jan Zizka in Prague. Exhibition of his work 1917 in Prague and in the years 1926, 1934 and 1956 in Ostrava. Dimensions including base: Width: 200 mm, height: 600 mm, Depth: 310 mm, bronze, marble

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